Yale Smart Home Burglar Alarm Installed Throughout Norwich, Norfolk & Suffolk

Take your home security to the next level with a Yale smart burglar alarm system. The system is easy to use and you can arm, disarm, configure from your smartphone or tablet by simply using the Yale Smart Living Home App. The smart home alarm will send out email, push notifications or sms text messages when the alarm is triggered for instant updates. Their are a number of additional accessories that can be added to your system including Power Switch which you can use to turn on and off home appliances remotely from your smartphone or a Yale Smart Lock giving the ability to access your property remotely.

Yale Smart System Functionality 

There are a number of different kits offered by Red Eye Secure to meet all homeowners security requirements. The systems are easily expanded with the ability to add many accessories, great for a small or large family home. All accessories are wireless. You also have the ability to part arm the system if you only wanted to secure a particular area of your home at any given time.  You can simply access all other areas of your home while the specified area is alarm system fully functional..

Smart Alarm Kit Available

  • Smart Hub
       – The core of your smart alarm system.
  • External Wall Siren
       – Mountable wall siren for the outside of your home.
  • PIR Motion Detector 
       – Triggers your Yale alarm system when motion is detected.
  • PIR Image Camera
       – Captures images and displays them on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Door / Window Contact
       – For the main access points around the home, activates the alarm when a door or window is opened.
  • Keypad
       – Setup your security pin code you will use to enter your home and change as and when you wish.
  • Easy Fit Wireless Key Fob (ER & SR Series)
       – Remotely arm and disarm your alarm system in or outside the property.
  • Smartphone Application 
       – You simply download the app that will give you total control of your alarm system from your smartphone where ever you are with internet connection.

Getting Connected

  • Installation 
       – A member of the Red Eye Secure team will fully install your system and give you the training on how best use the alarm system and also help you install the Yale smartphone application and show you how it works.
  • Internet Broadband 
       – Your Smart Hub will need access to a mains socket and broadband internet router.
  • Smartphone App
       – You will be required to download the smartphone Yale Smart Hub Alarm app to access your alarm system.s
  • Smartphone
       – External access to the system will require an internet connected smartphone.