CCTV Camera System Rental Norwich

Red Eye Secure Ltd. are a leading local specialist in CCTV Camera System Rental Norwich. Rental is an option available to Limited Companies across Norfolk & Suffolk, providing a cost effective method of providing staff and property with security and reassurance. We Supply, Install & Maintain your Business CCTV System, and provide training to you and your staff on operating your CCTV Camera system.

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FREE Business CCTV Quotation

Our service begins with a conversation. Contact our Business Team us on 01603 531850, complete the Call Back Form or email – We will provide you with a quotation and if necessary arrange a site survey. 

Once we understand your specific objectives, your budget, the type of business you operate and the type of premises requiring CCTV coverage we can then advise you on the most suitable system to meet your requirements.

Business CCTV System Supply

The system package we supply is tailored to your requirements.

Business CCTV Installation

Your system will be installed by one of our in-house System Installation & Maintenance Engineers.

Business CCTV Training

Once your system is installed we provide training for your CCTV system operators. This can include specialist operators, general staff members and you.


Short Term CCTV Rental For Your Convenience

Many situations require remote visual monitoring, not only when protecting against illegal intrusion, theft and anti-social behaviour but also for normal visitor activity and peace of mind. Redeye secure temporary CCTV solutions are tailor-made so each system will be designed around the requirements of the property or other location.

  • Construction sites
  • Outdoor/indoor music venues
  • Exhibitions
  • Farming
  • Sporting Events and many more 

Cameras can be set to either event-triggered recording or permanent recording of whatever they’re positioned to look at in daylight, low-light or even complete darkness using infrared lighting. Alternatively, multiple movement sensors can be set to trigger one or more cameras to pan/tilt/zoom specifically to the detection zone and begin recording activity.

Recorded video footage is automatically sent via the internet or mobile network to a remote location/storage device and can also be streamed in real time and viewed remotely at a fixed location or via a mobile App.