Ring Video Doorbell Installed Throughout Norwich Norfolk And Suffolk

Why Choose The Ring Video Doorbell

The Ring doorbell brings many things through its fantastic but simply to use functionality, including safety, security and reassurance.

With the video doorbell you remove the need to open the door, and to what could be a potential intruder, pushy sales person or simply someone you don’t know. With the Ring doorbell literally screen your home visitors as soon as they ring the doorbell via the mobile application with the ability to have a two way conversation via the mobile application.

Utilise the functionality of the video door bell while away from home at work, or on holiday, giving the impression you are at home, or simply to let a delivery person know where best to leave a parcel in your absence.

The ring doorbell makes the perfect gift as well, It might be you have concerns about an elderly or disabled relative, and who might be at their door. Screen the visitors on their behalf from where ever you are, be the voice that they may not have and take the stress form them!  The Ring Video Doorbell is fully installed and is hardwired.

Full operation and functionality training is also given by your Red Eye Secure installer.  Contact us today for more information.

  • Give the impression you are at home even when you are not.
  • Don’t miss that important parcel.
  • Deter potential intruders.
  • Avoid pushy sales people or unwanted visitors.
  • Theft protection.
  • Support a family member or friend or some one vulnerable by monitoring their ring video doorbell on their behalf

Ring Video Doorbell Functionality

  • Crystal clear HD video.
  • Live view video and audio.
  • Motion-activated notification.
  • Two-Way talkback.
  • Adjustable motion sensors.
  • Infrared night vision.
  • Hardwired so no need for batteries.
  • Ring Video Doorbell Installation

Red Eye Secure can install any one of the Ring Video Doorbell systems at your property and give you system smartphone Ring app training to get you up and running within your home for use when you are home or away.

We operate within Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk areas covering most of East Anglia do get in touch with any questions or queries you might have regarding any of the Ring Video Doorbell systems or any of the other complimentary Ring products that are available.