Indoor CCTV Monitoring From £79.00

Indoor CCTV Monitoring for Family Friends & Pets

Our range of indoor latest technology camera’s give peace of mind protecting and monitoring your property and loved ones. All systems provide real-time viewing via smartphone with options for memory storage of events. The two-way audio facility allows a two-way conversation between yourselves and your loved one via your smartphone. This requires broadband but can also be networked with an amendable neighbours broadband if in range. We can also provide systems capable of using mobile Sim cards if broadband is not available.

Nanny Cam which is usually the most familiar use of indoor CCTV monitoring is one of many scenarios an indoor CCTV monitor can accommodate including the following:

  • Babysitter Camera
       – Have a chat with your babysitter see if your little one or ones are being any trouble while you are away from the house.
  • Hidden Camera
       – Of course with any of the above option you can monitor covertly if the option suits you.  Cameras can be hidden within everyday common placed items such as a smoke alarm or even an air freshener container.
  • Nanny Camera
       – Keep an eye on an elderly relative, friend or neighbour with a Nanny Cam.  You will have the ability to speak to them using the Two-Way talkback, giving peace of mind and comfort to both them and you.
  • Carer Camera
       – Communicate or simply watch a carer that visits a vulnerable, elderly friend or relative with the ability to give any instruction to the carer regarding the person in care.
  • Baby Camera
       – Keep an eye on a sleeping baby or youngster.  Monitor silently from a smartphone or other mobile devices.
  • Pet Camera
       – The ability to have a look and see how your dog, cat or even fish are doing when you are at work or out for the day.

CCTV Monitoring Setup Requirements

  • Power
       – Camera simply plugs in and plays with uk standard power cables.
  • Internet Broadband
       – Camera needs to connect locally to the internet to relay information.
  • Smartphone App
       – External access to the system will require an internet connected smartphone.
  • Smartphone
       – External access to the system will require an internet connected smartphone.
  • Video Storage
       – There are various options on various cameras, some with the ability to insert an SD Memory Card to store video footage or upload video direct to the internet with Cloud video storage or download clips direct to your smartphone or PC.
  • Installation
       – We can supply only or if you require assistance please contact usto arrange a convenient time for a member of our team to install and demonstrate the camera functionality.
  • Please note actual camera model may vary.